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Magnificent Seventy Guild News
If you are/were a member of the guild and one or more of your toons were removed you can rejoin us again if we have room.

          We are a laid back guild with some raiders. We help each other getting geared, and enchanted. We accept criticism as long as it is done tactfully and respectfully. We do require that you have a authenticator for promotions to an officer position. We have found out since we have started to require it we have not had our guild bank emptied and actually have a membership base that appreciates the fact only actual members benefit from their hard work. We use TeamSpeak3 for our voice client. We do quest, raid. PVP and dungeons together as a guild. The more of these we do the more rep you will get with the guild. We are a friendly and helpful guild and we treat people how we would like to be treated. We request that the profanity, begging (out of trade as well), and any disrespect to others stays out of the guild chat. If you can not abide by our rules and request please do not join our guild as we will end up removing you when you violate our rules. You can find more about our rules in our forums. We do have a wall of shame or blacklist for ninjas so that all of our friends know who they should look out for. We do not carry people. If you want to be carried then this is not the guild for you. We want you to learn your toon so you are the best possible player that you can be. If you have troubles killing a quest boss, a mob or need a team to do a quest then ask in guild and we will help you. If you need something made by a certain profession then gather up the mats and go from there.
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